Financial Reporting Workshops

The Aim of the annual Financial Reporting Workshops is the exchange of knowledge, information, and opinions on all aspects of financial reporting, business communication cognition and related topics.

We encourage the submission of both empirical and theoretical papers and case studies addressing financial reporting issues, and in particular the following topics:

  • The introduction and the effectiveness of IAS/IFRS
  • The role of financial reporting in capital markets
  • The relationship between financial reporting and corporate governance
  • Current and future reporting frameworks for risk/environmental disclosure
  • Social and environmental disclosure
  • Accounting choices and earnings quality
  • The role of annual reports and other types of business communication for financial reporting purposes
  • The role of narrative disclosure in financial reporting
  • Fraud in financial reporting
  • International accounting harmonization
  • Audit quality and financial statements

Eleventh Workshop

Bari – September 17 2020

with SIDREA national congress

Past Workshops

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